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E Concept has been developing custom software for small and medium companies in Dubai for more than 15 years. Our premier software development agency has produced countless software solutions for businesses that are impactful and industry-specific.

At E Concept, the years of experience under our belt have helped countless businesses achieve their goals through our custom software development services. Whether you need to design and create new software from scratch or modernize an existing system, our software company can meet your specific requirements.


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Secure software solutions that ensure data privacy for you and your customers

Benefits of Custom Software Development

There are several benefits in choosing a reputable custom software development company in Dubai to create applications based on your requirements, such as:

Optimize Business Processes

It can be extremely difficult for organizations to change their processes to match their particular software package. That’s why an application has to be designed and developed in a way that aligns with the existing business model. Custom enterprise software development helps optimize business processes rather than replace them.

Power to Invent

Since your program is fully customized, you can decide the software development technology you want to use to create a unique app that fulfills your needs.

Create a Reliable Product

Your ability to maintain and follow the processes of your organization is what helps you succeed in the long run. Reliability plays a major role in defining success. With help from a trustworthy custom software developer, you can ensure that your IT tools are robust and reliable to meet your growing demands.

Tailor-Made Software Solution

Every company is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all program that can cater to all business processes. A custom IT software solutions company can provide you with applications that suit your unique needs while complementing your business model.

Easy to Adapt

Processes within an organization change over time and with new market dynamics in place, it often becomes a necessity to adapt to new technologies and processes to maintain an identity within the market. With customized software, you can easily incorporate new aspects of your business into existing software so you can remain ahead of the competition. Want to ensure that your custom software can adapt to the changing times? Get in touch with us at E Concept to find out how we can help.

Software Compatibility

Many organizations follow an architecture model wherein the outputs created by a specific process operate as an input for another. Hence, a smooth flow of data is essential so you can continue streamlining your existing business model.

Using all-in-one packaged software can disrupt this flow of information since this type of setup often has to rely on third-party apps and gadgets to facilitate its operations.

Choosing a custom software environment can instead resolve many of the problems concerning the flow of data between a series of processes.

Enhanced Security

Many B2B and B2C companies are concerned about data access and security not only for their internal systems, but also for their end-users. After all, anyone transacting with software would want to ensure that their deals are safe and secure at all times.

Adding costly security protocols could result in your business passing the added expenses to your customers, which usually results in your business losing its competitive edge. Furthermore, you also have to worry about regulating the flow of data for internal processes within the organization by applying strict security standards.

Custom software development can give you the power to decide which data security protocol or technology you feel is best for your business. You can then have this integrated into your software for enhanced security.

Software Development Process

Our years of experience in the field of software development have allowed us to develop a streamlined process that can deliver the best results on time. Being one of the best software companies in the UAE, we ensure that our custom software development services have you covered from all angles.

These are the steps to our custom software development process:

  • Kick-off: Our software development professionals will translate your requirements into documentation while we assemble a team to take on your project. Simultaneously, a designer will begin creating design prototypes for your solution.

  • Development stage: Our custom software specialists will start creating the solution according to your requirements. You get to review the progress based on predetermined milestones and by the end, our team will perform user testing. If everything goes well, we deploy your solution.

  • Customer support: After the release of your custom software, we’ll perform continuous monitoring of your program by allocating experts for bug fixing and providing general customer support services.

  • Software updates: Applications today have to be constantly updated with new features to meet the changing demands of customers. We can transform the existing team into a support unit that can provide continuous updates for your program even after its release.

Leverage End-to-End Custom Software Development Today

With more than 20 years of experience in software development, our developers at E Concept can provide you with a wide range of expertise in all the areas needed for a robust software solution. We can provide you with custom software solutions for:

  • Business Application Development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Software UX/UI design

Before starting our custom software process, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization to understand its processes, goals, and needs. We then prepare the blueprints that will help us map out a project plan so we can decide on the right development approach.

While developing your custom software application, we will keep you updated on completed milestones while letting you review the progress thus far. After your custom software solution has launched, we can provide you with options for continuous support.

As one of the leading software companies in Dubai, E Concept can help you plan, create, and deploy top-notch custom software. Whether you need accounting software or ERP software in Dubai, we have you covered.

It’s time to reimagine your software solution. Contact us today and let’s chat.

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