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No Handwriting.Just Click & Print your Cheques Faster.

EasyCheck is a quick-to-setup, easy-to-use, trusted cheque printing software over a decade.

EasyCheck,Cheque Printing Software that prints on any bank cheque leaves in a fraction of second.It can print payee, date, amount, "A/C Payee Only" and all others. Unique feature of the software is that the cheque formats of various banks are scanned and stored in the system to print on the cheque leaves with precise alignment automatically !

Leading banks & Financial Institutions in UAE,Oman,Qatar and KSA are already using Easy Check to automate Cheque printing on their vehicle and personal finance divisions.Just put your cheque into the printer and print with EasyCheck. The cheque is ready to issue once signed.Batch Printing function makes your cheque issuing process even simpler and faster.

EasyCheck is the most popular trusted Cheque Writing Software

Trusted by Leading Banks & Financial Institutions in UAE,Oman and KSA


Why choose EasyCheck

Any Laser Printer

EasyCheck allows you to print your cheques on any laser printer.It prints on any bank cheque leaves with ease.

Unlimited Cheque Templates

Using EasyCheck you can add cheque templates of any size any bank just by simply scanning the cheque image. With our intutive controls you can add align the fields with ease.

Easy to learn

It just takes less than 10 minutes to learn and start using EasyCheck. Because of its easy to use interface it's very easy to use even for novoice computer users.

Detailed Report

Using EasyCheck you can track the cheque details using our intelligently designed reporting feature.You can generate reports Datewise,Bankwise,Partywise.

Imports Data

Using EasyCheck you can easily import cheque data from excel sheet

Exclusive Support

We provide quick Remote Desktop Support free of cost.

Stop Writing Cheques.Print with EasyCheck

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